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    Default How does rank on a hiring roster affect chances of getting hired?

    I recently tested for a very large department. I am estimating that about 600 to 900 people took the initial written test. Out of those people, I received the number 1 score (a 95%). The written test carried a total weight of 10%
    The next portion of testing was the BPAD test. I received the top score on this test as well scoring 31.5 out of a possible 32. This test carried a weight of 90%.
    After these tests, my average score was just a hair above 98%. After distribution of preference points, they published the hiring roster. I am ranked number 2 on the roster. I don't have any certifications (not even EMT-B). I am the only person in the top 16 who is not a certified paramedic.
    I guess my question is this: Does being ranked higher on the list allow you some room for shortcomings such as no certifications, weaker interviews, etc? I understand that people who do very poorly on their interviews can and will be passed over, no matter their rank. Im just wondering if being at the top of the list helps.

    Any information is appreciated.


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    It depends on what state or even locale you are testing in.

    In my state, the civil service commission publishes a list of those eligible for hire - they met the minimum scores / qualifications. Then the fire chief has the option to take the candidates in order by their scores, or select any candidate regardless of civil service ranking.

    We usually get the list from the commission then interview all of the candidates and conduct a back-ground exam. Then we rank them internally. Sometime our rankings match with the civil service commission, sometimes they do not.

    The civil service commission is the gatekeeper, but the fire chief is the final arbiter when it comes to hiring. (here anyway)

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