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    A large department in the San Francisco bay area recently gave a medic test. Those that had passed the written had been invited to attend a medic evaluation.

    This consisted of a trauma scenario, a cardiac scenario, and some situational medic type questions. While no numbered score was assigned, a test taker had to pass each of the three stations to continue in the process. Out of around 60, only 9 passed. This department was looking to hire around 25.

    People spend so much time and money to get considered for a job, it can be overwhelming. If you are taking a medic test please review the basics. I heard form one person that it seemed the newer medics did better, probably because they still remembered the “book way”. Go back and review the things you used to pass your national registry and your finals in medic school.

    I have talked to people that were very frustrated that they failed to pass the written test for a department they really wanted to work for, they had applied all of their energies on the oral interview. They thought the written wasn’t worth their time and got a shock when they miss out for such a silly reason. The same hold true here. If you are a medic you have obviously been able to pass the tests and evaluations in the past, bring yourself back up to speed. It is real easy to think that years on the street will translate into an impressive medic review, but the opposite seems to be the case all to often.

    Good Luck, Captain Rob
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