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    Default 2002 Ford F550 grass rig problems

    So we have a 2002 Ford F550 grass rig and it was in the shop this week. Had to have the clutch replaced. We got it back yesterday and now it is going to have to go back in and have the Transmission replaced.

    Let me remind you that it is a 2002 with 4500 miles! Thats it!

    Not bad mouthing anyone here just wanted to see if anyone thought that Ford would be willing to help us out.


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    Post Nothing New........

    We've been hearing of F Series problems on here for some time now. Can you give a detailed discription of your rig, I'll try to match up any others..... Sometimes folks overload them, or try to make them perform in a manner that they weren't designed for.
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    I think it's just Ford. We have Fords for both our Police Department cruiser's as well as our HazMat Team's Vehicles. Our engineer (he's the fire company's engineer as well as our township's engineer) has stated problems with Fords for a while. He said that he's gotten bad service from some Ford dealerships in our area and that certain models have a history of problems with them.

    Like stated, it might be just how your rig is set up. Overloading the maximum capacity of the vehicle could present problems as well as using it in a manner in which it wasn't built to be used in. Maintenance is also a key issue. Many vehicles, not just Fords, have been taken out of service for repairs for not being maintained. Make sure your department's engineer(s) are on top of them no matter what. If you don't have the rig for the job, you're not going to be doing the job. Also, if your rig continues to break down and is in need of repairs, you might lose jobs/confidence in your department.
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    Have the truck weighed...loaded with troops and equipment. You will be suprised how close you come, if not over, your GVW.

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    could just be a transmission problems as well, my father's 2004 ford ranger (with 2500 miles on it) lunched the automatic (lost 4th, 5th and reverse gears)

    though i do have a 2002 Ford F450 brush truck, that has eaten a couple of transmissions and a few rear ends (though some idiot spec'ed it with a 500 gallon tank, too much for the chassis)

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    I recently turned in my F-150, when it went back she had 78,000 km's (50,000 miles give or take)

    She was a great truck, except for the fuel economy I hadn't had more than the upper ball joint go on me under warranty. The Transmission was rock solid and never slipped even once, I spent most of last winter in 4 wheel as we had a mass amount of snow.

    Never an issue!

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