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Thread: Please vote

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    Quote Originally Posted by IllinoisFF3 View Post
    I'm afraid of 4 or 8 more years like we just had. I don't want a president to lie to us ever again. I don't want a president who keeps insisting we must stay the course in Iraq even as the Iraqi government is demanding a pull out date.
    I do not want future FF in the national SS system, I do not want FLSA reworked.

    McCain just made a very poor decision on VP. Absolutly no experience, her own scandals in AK., deception. Is she just there for eye candy? Better think twice about voting for a 72yo not in super health because she may end up prez in a very short time.

    McCain is just 4 more years of failed republican unleadership. He is there to help his rich friends NOT you and I.

    I have to agree with you....people want a change.....well voting some one in who has been in the senate for 22 years or what ever is NOT change....Mccain make the VP choice just because she was a woman hoping to get hillary voters....Mcain wants to talk about experience it seems all she has is ear mark experience...and that is a huge thing they are running on saying they are gonna stop.

    Mccain wants to stay in Iraq......uuummm pardon me but we are dumping ton of money over there. look around these forums there are fire depts begging for money, imagine if all the money spent in Iraq was dumped into the fire service. Granted that was just an example but come on we have people here with no homes and no jobs...what happened to taking care of our own?

    one last point...I agree Obama has not been in that long I agree......but that means he has ALOT SHORTER line of people he owes favors too

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    I was going to post my opinion, but I'll refrain seeing that I will be fed to the wolves.
    I'd like to vote for none of the above, but I'll vote for McCain. The lesser of two evils.

    Oh what the hell; If you think about what hasn't happened here in over a hundred years? It's happened in most other countries in that time frame. Have we forgotten how fortunate we are? Yes, we have. We don't know what suffering is. Some of pretend to know, very few actually know. But we ignore them and spend on foriegn aid to feed their hungry. Tensions are building on both sides, freedoms we once had, freedoms fought for in the later 1700's, have been taken away, and are constantly being under attack. When these freedoms are gone, who's to say, the government won't try to have complete control. This is the way the left leans. There are people here that are willing to die to protect these rights, our current "culture" ridicules them. If you think the goverment needs to control more, do you really think you will benefit? Perhaps the governemt will, but not the people. There is too much government as it is. The founding fathers would be ashamed of what we have become. Because of this, do you not think, are you so blind, do you not see it? If this country continues on this slide, there will be another civil war. You know what, it almost needs to happen. We've forgotten our history. Forgotten suffering. Forgotten what it means to be an American.

    I could go on and on forever.

    Now let the replies of how crazy I am come. But I challenge you, research it, event's are aligning. People are getting fed up, ****ed off. I'm not saying it'll be tomorrow, perhaps within 5 years. Maybe 10. The sad thing is, this country, as a whole, will benefit from it. Sad, but true. Even economicaly.

    Alright, let the rants of how I should be put in a rubber room, or hung, or whatever. Let them come.

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    Default opinions??

    What is the opinion of everyone here about the numbers? I personally am going to vote McCain/Palin (mute point), but just wondering if anyone thinks that, as a nation, the 60 some odd percent who voted in this poll for McCain think that is representative of the fire service in general in this nation, or just that the numbers are obscured by McCain supporters who happened to support/visit this thread???

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