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    Thumbs up Need Some guide " I want to be part of the team"

    Hi to all Fire associates,

    My name is Jose and i am from South Florida. I am 30 years old and I have decided that i want to be a fire fighter. I admire the courage that each of the fire associate has within to put their live in danger to save others.
    When i was younger in college, i wanted to be an FBI agent but things didnt go the way i thought. I had to go back home "Venezuela" for a death in the family. Since there, things change but now, i have made the choice to follow my heart again.
    I always have the passion to the courage to help other and be there for who ever was in need.
    I have done lot of research about how can i start, what school are there but never had the chance to communicate with a firefighter or any fire associate that recently when through the process to become a firefighter.
    I became a member to the FireHouse for the purpose in finding a friend, guide, a follow member for advise, guide, help, support...
    Well, i have made my mind and i want to be a firefighter.

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    Hi Jose,
    Well there isn't only one path to follow when trying to become a firefighter. It can depend on where you want to work etc. As you may know the path to get hired by a department is very competitive. Find out where you will be testing (as many places as possible) and learn the requirements from each department. For example some places may only allow EMT's to test, ect. So try to get informed on your target places, and make yourself eligible and then some. It can take years, if even at all to get hired. So do what your doing to find out if this career is right for you. Don't forget to get study guides and prep material to help you through a hiring process when you get there. Good luck.


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