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    What is your department's policy on wearing Class A uniforms to funerals?

    I know most everyone wears them to firefighter funerals but what about funerals of non-fire service family members of firefighters?

    What about parades? etc.

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    Wearing of the class A makes you stand out. If that is appropriate then wear it. If it would be a distraction to the service, then come in a suit. We have worn our class A for Village officials (we are a district and not part of the village) and family members of one of our own (if he wants it). Some guys have very different lives outside of our family, so if you have a question then just ask. Hey _____ sorry about your _______ a few of us wanted to come over to the wake, from the station, is that ok?
    As long as the wearing of the class A is in the department's best interest you shouldn't have any problems.

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    I think most FD's SOP's are that you only wear Class A Uniforms to fire service-related events or unless otherwise invited as apart of the fire service to a non-fire service event. From what I've heard and read both on here and around, that seems to be the common ground for Class A Uniforms.

    Our SOP on Class A Uniforms is just that: only wear them at fire service-related events or an event in which members of the fire department were invited to represent the fire service in a non-fire service-related event if a Class A Uniform is appropriate. Sometimes we just go in regular clothing, rather than dress up in a Class A.
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