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    Default It's a shame there isn't more international activity on this forum

    It would be nice to see more exchange of ideas and discussion between firefighters on a woldwide basis.

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    I'm up it, but have no great topics to bring up. But ask any questions and i'll help if i can. Btw, im from Finland.

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    There are alot of Canadians on here, and some pretty regular posters from lands far away.
    www.firehall.com - check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterkid View Post
    There are alot of Canadians on here, and some pretty regular posters from lands far away.

    I think the web browsers are the big issue. Most international surfers don't see these sites among thier top links. I have found some really good international sites in the past, but most are either through word of mouth in forums like these, or way down on the third or fourth page of a google search.
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    We Are Welocoming American Fire Fighters To Com And Visit Our Stations And Work With Us. Please Contact Me If Anyone Is Interested.

    Cmdte. Jose Perez
    Jefe De Batallon
    Aguascalientes Mexico

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