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    Default Forcible Entry on Different Lock Types

    I work for a company that manufactures fire training props. Right now, I am working on a lock prop that would offer firefighters several different lock types to train on. Because I am not a firefighter (my background is engineering), I am trying to gain some insight as to which type of locks to include and what methods would be commonly used to force entry.

    I wanted to focus the prop mainly on the through the lock entry methods, but I might also include some basic cutting/power tool features (hinges, deadbolt cutting).

    I have seen the cylinder removal technique using the k-tool and halligan or similar tools, but I was wondering what techniques are used on other lock types?

    The lock types I wanted to include and entry techniques I am wondering about are (I have included part numbers for similar locks on www.mcmaster.com):
    1. Heavy Duty DeadBolt (1336A21)
    2. Mortise Lock (12195A55)
    3. Lever lock (11325A37)
    4. Rim Locks
    5. Push Button locks w/o key (8114A11)

    I would appreciate it if anyone could shed some light onto how these locks are breached preferably with minimal lock damage (if possible) or if the lock/door would require a more aggressive approach (cutting, prying, etc.).

    I am also open to general suggestions for what you, as a firefighter, would like to see in terms of training features.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Here is a link that has the FDNY Forcible Entry Guide http://www.firetrainingresources.net...=3&PageNum=132

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