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    Default Going from Vol. to Paid

    I am with a volunteer fire department that employs their own dispatch system instead of using the 911 system for the rest of the county and other cities. The city administration is asking why it takes so long for the fire department to respond on a call. I am trying to find any and all info on at least having 1-3 paid personnel on a shift to gaurantee response 24/7. But also have the volunteers to be the back up for the paid personnel. Anyone with any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone and stay safe!

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    I came from a dept that did just what your talking about doing. when i joined we had approx 45 volunteer FF's and no fulltime FF's. The dept now employee's 14 full time FF's and approx 40 volunteer FF's. Responce times have improved alot. there is no replacement for having FF's at the station ready to respond 24/7. However going for a all volunteer dept to a combination dept comes with a lot of growing pains. although the dept i worked for hired all but 2 of the fulltime guys from the volunteer ranks, there quickly became tension between the volunteers, and the paid guys. and i've seen it with a lot of depts that have done the same thing. some depts get over it while others have to seperate the to sides to the point where they have full time stations and volunteer stations because the to can't get along in the same building. But its a great system if the command staff can keep a good relations ship between the two sides.

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