Shoe Thefts Blamed On Stray Dog. Residents Spot Dog Near Fire Station

POSTED: 11:05 am EDT August 27, 2008
UPDATED: 11:29 am EDT August 27, 2008

Residents of Waveland, Ind., believe a stray dog is behind a rash of shoe thefts.

Shoes that were left outdoors started disappearing in June and began showing up near the town's fire station.

A stray brown and white dog was seen carrying a shoe in his mouth near the fire station.

Acting town marshal Rob Kiger and others have seen the dog, possibly a beagle, around town carrying a shoe in its mouth. Others have seen the dog lying in the sun near the fire station.

Susie Calvert, who works near the fire station, said she finds shoes in the area and places them on the ledge at the station, hoping that the owners will collect them.

Kiger said he's tried to take the canine shoe bandit into custody, but it runs away every time he gets close.

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The dog just wants a new home in the Fire Station, so he's bringing treats for the crews.