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    Default Footwear for ice conditions

    I am tired of falling on my *** on ice covered roads and sidewalks in the winter!
    I am cuious what others have done to increase their traction during winter months.
    I am presently thinking of trying the Kahtoola Microspikes

    They look fairly quick and easy to put on and take off. I am wondering if anyone has tried them or something similar or has another method.

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    Have tried the Yaktrax and they work pretty well. You can get them from REI. The only problem is that you need to remember to remove them before you go into a fire for obvious reasons.

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    Lightbulb Winter footwear:

    Maybe you could ask someone from Boston what they wear...like this ole crusty behind the 1916 Seagrave pump in the photo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Engine1FF View Post
    Have tried the Yaktrax and they work pretty well. You can get them from REI. The only problem is that you need to remember to remove them before you go into a fire for obvious reasons.
    My department uses these and they are great.
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    We also keep a variety of studded slip-ons, and while they work well, few of the guys bother. I have also heard a lot of good comments about the yak-trax.
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    Does anyone see any liability issues with wearing these? A few of my firefighters have approached me about wearing the YakTrax and I'm on the fence about them.

    Obviously, not wear them into a fire, but lets say a MVA, the firefighter wearing them is starting to perform extrication, perhaps now he could get his boot snagged on a piece of metal if he is performing a complicated extrication. Or maybe he climbs into a vehicle to perform EMS operations.

    Just trying to get others comments. I too am tired of falling on my arse.

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    correct me if im wrong but the yak-tracks or a form of that style slip-resistant footwear addition has a chain or "spring" looking piece on the bottom of them instead of the "mini-spikes" that mine and others have...but at the same time i have never been "snagged" by mine...

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