Well I am happy to say I passed my CPAT and Medical so just have to hope the Background Investigation and Psych goes well.

Well I am list # 12xx and look to be in the January FDNY academy(6019)

So my Question is for current Firefighters..

What would be your suggestion on
Push ups
Pull ups
Sit ups..

Personally I can max out about 30 push ups a Set
5 pull ups
and about 50 sit ups a set...
I know its not great but I am working on it daily and still have till January to get it higher.

What would you say is a recommended number to be able to do for the academy.
What would you say would be the minimum you should be able to do and what do you guys suggest would be the IDEAL or prime number to have little conflict with the drill instructors.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.