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    Default Greetings From Liverpool, England

    Hi Guys....

    My name is Andy, and I am a Fire Buff from Liverpool, England. I have been a buff for around 25 years and like most guys, collect memorabilia, photograph apparatus and firescenes etc, etc.
    Aside from that - I love a good beer, music and football (or soccer to you guys).
    We are currently holding the 10th World Firefighter Games over here and there are Firefighters from around 30 countries staying in my city.

    Looking forward to talking to you all.


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    Greetings Andy,
    My name is Grant and I am a captain with the North Charleston Fire Department in South Carolina, USA.

    I am also a HUGE Fire buff and curator of our fire museum.

    Look forward to talking to you. Lets talk via email. Mine is gmishoe@sc.rr.com

    Talk soon!
    Always remember the CHARLESTON 9

    Captain Grant Mishoe, Curator of History
    North Charleston and American LaFrance Fire Museum
    "You'll never know where you're going until you remember where you came from"

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    Default WaterMan1

    Greetings mate! Most of my ancestors hail from England, specifically Kent and Wales. I live in east Tennessee.A lot of English and Irish settlers landed there, so the "southern accent" is actually the leftovers of those accents (mixed with a little Scot!)
    I'm a Recruit Firefighter right now, but i'm getting ready to go through the academy and I'm so excited! I love helping people and being a little part of a big effort. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and If you ever get over here, it's my shout!

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