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    Default Sick time - overtime penalty proposed in Buffalo

    It seems , once again the BFD line Firefighter will take one on the chin for "The Brotherhood!"

    Recently the New BFD Admin proposed a "Thirty day block" on the Firefighters deemed by Admin as "Sick Time Abusers" - this would remove a Firefighters name from the call in eligibility list for thirty days, if Admin feels he/she is a "Abuser of Sick Time."

    The Admin feels that by slapping the line firefighters for calling in sick - it will curb "Call-ins"(overtime)!

    Why is it every time a situation arises - its the worker who gets slapped ? Where's the Union in all of this ? Is the Union President going to support this new rule/punishment ?

    Many newer Firefighters have been "Uncomfortable" with whats happening within the BFD and its Union ! Are some of them being "Misinformed or Mislead?"

    Buffalo City Hall Management is concerned this "Blue Flue" is hindering their ability to negotiate a fair contract.

    Who's steering this ship ? Who's truly in control ? Is it the Mayor of the City of Buffalo - Is it the "New" BFD Admin - or are Union Members being misguided ?

    Who will be the next scape goat?
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    Do they define what criteria has to be met to be deemed a "sick time abuser" or is it the administration gets to pick and choose?

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    Default Perceptions can create a false reality in the BFD.

    So far it appears the Admin has chosen ! I say this because it was stated in the July 11th CitiStats session that no charting of abusers has been done . (See link below for video).

    Others and I , are also quite sure the purpose of this new witch hunt will be to punish Firefighters for the out of control overtime - caused by the apparent "Blue Flue" epidemic . This issue is also addressed in the video .

    Many people fear that once again - the line Firefighter will suffer to draw the heat from the ones who mislead them.

    Also , by setting it up to look like they are catching the "Abusers" - this creates the "Perception" that those punished were the cause of the overtime crisis.

    If the majority believe the "Perception of wrong doing" - because rumors and innuendo points to the person being targeted he/she is usually found guilty.

    Remember in the BFD true "Evidence" of guilt is not needed - one only needs to read on page 39(depending on issue ) - paragraph E - Article XXIV - Discipline and Discharge - in the "Red Book" - this is known as the: Agreement between City of Buffalo,New York and Buffalo Professional Firefighters Association,Inc. - the last sentence in section 24.2 para E reads :"Compliance with technical rules of evidence shall not be required."

    Facts - true honest facts are not needed when those who judge and those who created the "Perceptions" are one and the same.

    Last point: You can bet there won't be anyone above the rank of line Firefighter who gets charged and punished -

    Please check out the link below :

    23 years B.F.D. Local 282
    13 years U.A.W
    U.S.Military - Joined.

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