I know you guys are very busy but I would appreciate some quick career advice.

I am currently a CSI, working for a law enforcement agency in the West Indies. Im a UK citizen and wanting to come across the pond and settle in the US.

I have attended and investigated (O&C) approximately 30+ fires/arsons at least ten of which have been fatal fires. I am obviously familiar with the chain of evidence, crime scene sampling, crime scene photography, and court testimony but realise that I lack a great deal of experience in the number of scenes attended.

I have undertaken the Gardiners fire investigation course in the UK and I have an Engineering degree and a Masters Degree in Forensic Engineering and Science, which covered fire investigation. I am looking to specialise full time in fire investigation, and I am due to undertake a further MSc in fire investigation from Anglian-Ruskin University in the UK, although I want to make sure its going to be beneficial.

I am about to apply for the CFI and CFEI.

I have the follwing questions I hope you can all help me with.

1) Whats the better qualification as viewed by potential employers, CFI or CFEI, and am I qualified to undertake the exam?
2) Do you think that I already have the qualifications/skills to go full time..again as viewed by potential employers?
3) If not can anyone suggest further courses that would make me eligible for employment?
4) Does anyone know a University offering a Phd in fire investigation?

Thank you all responses positive or negative greatly appreciated.