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    Default Investigation Unit SOG's

    Hi all. I am a career firefigher/paramedic and also a dept. fire investigator. I am in the process of re-writing out Fire Investigation Unit SOG's. I would like to incorporate NFPA 921 into the SOG's as much as possible. If anyone has SOG's that would be helpful in the process and would be willing to share them with me, that would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is skiper@woosteroh.com. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default Investigation SOG's

    I would offer this suggestion that you contact you closest ATF field office. Get an ATF CFI to help you. ATF has a response team SOG for their personnel. They use it to establish individual responsibilities. Itís almost a check list. I.e. where the closest hospital is if someone gets hurt. Who is providing security? Scene safety concerns....is there HAZMAT present. Where is the command post? When periodic team briefings and update meets will be held.
    921 is not re-stated in their SOG!
    Here is why. If you try to summarize, quote or reference portions of 921 into your SOG. I promise you without any hesitation SOG will be used against you in court (civil or criminal). I would not include any statement in your SOG other than, NFPA 921 "Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations" will be used as one of are reference documents when completing fire investigations. Leave it at that. Don't lock yourselves into your SOG. You have to understand that when you read a portion of 921 and you interrupted it one way. There is always someone willing to say you misinterpret it when you incorporated into your SOG. Here is an example; there is a huge disagreement over the current definition of Flashover and when flashover occurs. There are people who say a room can go to full room involvement without flashover ever occurring. Others who will tell you that is impossible flashover must occur first.
    Just leave it simple "NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations" will be used as one of our reference documents when completing fire investigations". This statement does not lock you in. You are acknowledging that you use 921 and allowing yourselves use other reference materials such as the "Ignition Handbook" or Kirks ect.

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