I am a Pennsylvania native and current NREMT-P, as well still holding my PA state Paramedic cert. It has always been my dream to work in Philly as a Medic for the Fire Department. That was always a difficult concept as you had to live in the city one year prior to even applying. Financially I could not do this. recently I have discovered that it has changed. My best friend is deployed in New Orleans for Gustav with several of Philly's medics and they said he has a real chance right now that they have lifted the pre-residency requirement. I spent time in 2005 with Philly fire for Katrina and met a lot of the crews. I currently live in phoenix az while my girlfriend (from PA) finishes out her contract as a teacher. I hastily sent in my application to Philly today hoping for the best. Anyone recently get hired? Know anything about the process or the reality of actually getting hired? I meet the requirements for having PA certs and License. I am also just about hired by Phoenix PD but would take the Philly job any day over it. Should I bother? Is anyone in the proccess and might know a general time frame of how loing it takes?

Thanks a lot.