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    i have a question....on the firefighter ppa ad in the projo it says that fire departments like cumberland hill,east greenwich,providence,north providence....etc are participating does this mean they are hiring or are they jus having guys from the dept doing it as well.

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    Default PPA Testing

    From what I have learned (not sure if it is 100% accurate) the dept.'s listed are ones that have tested in the last 12 months and ones that will be testing in the next 12 months.

    What I mean is that most dept.'s establish 2 year lists and a recruit has to take the PPA test once a year. So in order to take a test for a dept. you have to have passed a PPA test in the last 12 months and in order to stay on a current list you have retake the PPA test to stay qualified.

    Exp. #1 North Cumberland's written test was in January so in order to stay on their current list you have to retake the PPA so you are qualified for one more year.

    Exp. #2 North Providence has not tested in a while so they will be using this PPA test scores for their upcoming written test (if they test).

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    awesome thanks im on some lists then it would make sense to re-do the ppa... good thing i signed up for it because they are changing it over.. i also heard not alot of people signed up for it so thats awesome whats the deal with providence being on there... i thought they put on there own you know of any depts that will be or possibly be testing soon

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