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    Hi all some of you may have remembered me asking about jrs vs. explorers. I have decided to make a proposal to go with the Explorer program. I meet with the officers for my department tonight and am going to go over it with them. Funding is a major issue so we will have to do fundraisers. I am wandering what you guys have done or know of that has been done. I am going to use the reflective address markers for sure. That is a easy and profitable one that is common and no one is doing around here. I am just wanting to see some other suggestions. I would like for it to be something fun for the explorers to so I would like to hear it first hand from some of you jr's and explorers. Any officers or firefighters reading I would be glad to hear your suggestions as well.


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    This tends to be a real difficult part of any junior/explorer program. Fundraising is yet another workload on top the regular training and meetings. And all that is in addition to school, sports, homework, drivers ed, friends, family, girlfriends, vacations, etc etc etc etc.
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    I am incharge of the explorer post at my department. One of the things that we have done is the fire department paid all the kidds registrations. The EMS department bought all the kidds there first department t-shirt. Our fire department have been wonderful in helping with the cost of things. I my self too is trying to get some type of fund raiser set up for them so that we can get some money. We are in the process of working on a grant that is through a area youth facility that has money they have to give away. One thing that you might try is getting some donations from local busniess. They are usly willing to help. Good luck

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