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    Default Fire Prevention Comprehensive Plan

    I am looking for information about writing a Comprehensive Plan on Fire Prevention for our 10 year plan. Does anyone have any drafts that I could look at to see how they laid the plan out? This is my first time doing such a plan, and noticed on the web that there was not much info on it.

    As a matter of fact, I have called around to many departments to see what their written plan was on fire prevention, and the normal response was "we just teach it as it comes up"...

    Any help out there would be appreciatedpio@blufftonfd.com
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    First of all I would limit the plan to 5 years maximum as there can be too many changes in a community to plan that far ahead as far as programs and focus.

    Identify the following:

    Current program.

    Current department resources.

    Current community resources including police and EMS that may have current programs that you can coordinate with.

    Identify responsibility for developing, implementing, presenting and evalauting the program.

    Identify current internal funding.

    Identify possible external supplemental funding from local businesses and community service organizations.

    Look at you runs. Identify current problems. Identify all Target hazards structures, audiences and behaviors.
    Examples might be lack of working smoke detectors (behaviors) in single family residences (structures), especially among the poor or elderly (audiences) or juvenile firesetting (behavior) among kids ages 3-5 (audience) in the home (occupancies).

    Select target hazards, audiences and behaviors for the first 2 years of the program. Limit yourself to 2 identified problems. Identify other problems that may be long-term issues that you may attack after implementing programs against the first 2.

    Identify what departmant and external resources can ve utilzed on the selected hazards, audiences and behaviors.

    Identify a budget for each target.

    Identify goals for each program such as "we want to reduce xxx fires by 10% over the first year" or "we will increase the installation of smoke detectors by 20% the first year and 20% the second year".

    Identify the specific programs for each selected hazard - how (general goals of the program and teaching methods), where (you will teach them) and when (what time of year).

    Feel free to e-mail me directly at Firesafetyed@aol.com if I can help you in greater detail.

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