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    Default Round 10 is here!

    Still fairly small round

    Link to spreadsheet:
    http://firedept.kratochvil.us/2008 fire act grant analysis.xls

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    Wow....Kansas still down near the bottom.

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    We just recieved our first ever AFG grant. Looks like we our getting a new 4000 gallon tanker. Thanks Kurt Bradley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfire26 View Post
    Wow....Kansas still down near the bottom.
    You're telling me! Where's the love DHS?

    "Just remember. No matter where you go. There you are!"

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    Default hey

    Hey DaltonLT7,

    Would you mind sending me your narrative for the tanker? We put in for a 3000 gallon tanker this year to replace our 1976 that we hope makes it another 6 months but were denied. If you can pleae send it to bferris01@hotmail.com

    Chief 7 Brian Ferris

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    Chief Ferris,

    If you were denied already, the narrative means nothing. No one read it. You need to figure out how your computer scoring went wrong.

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