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    Default Citizenship requirements for LAFD

    Hello guys my first post here,
    So far I did, cpat, written, oral prep, 3 station visits, mock oral, real oral and got a background package for LAFD.
    My question is, is beeing a US citizen a requirement for LAFD? On LA County web site it saysy that you need to be a citizen or eligible for citizenship and have applied 90 days prior to your application for county fire. Some other fire departments list that you need to be citizen and there is no other way. I couldent find any info on LAFD website, does anyone know the answer to this? I am a permanent resident and going thru citizenship process at the same time with the LAFD process.

    Oh and is there a way to recieve a background package and not pass the interview. I am scared to recive a letter saying you passed but your score was not high enough.

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    If you can't find the answer on their website, I would give personnel a call. Number is (213) 473-9060.

    As far as passing the interview, I believe you only need an 80 to "pass" but at least a 90 to receive a background packet. If you got a packet the day of your interview, then you are moving on in the process.

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    Well I am getting my background package ready, I already started visiting stations and getting an idea on how the drill tower is going to be. Push-ups pull-ups dips and runnig everyday. Hope this background goes quick and painless.

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