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    Default Fire fighting out west

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out about the fires out west in California area. A member of my department was telling me that private contracting companies hire fire fighters to go out west and help fight the wild fires for the summer. I was wondering if anyone had any information on how to contact any of these companies. Thanks, Ryan

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    Try the website: www.wildlandfire.com. They have lots of companies looking for firefighters. The season is winding down so you may not have much luck for this season.

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    the season may well be winding down for most of the country (excepting parts of California) but now would be the time to take your basic wildland courses (S130, S190, L180), take the pack test and get your red card, ready for next year (many companies and agencies start hiring around January to get ready for the season) Keep in mind many of the east coast state's fire seasons start earlier in the year and end mid-summer, so some of these agencies and/or contractors might be called up for fire duty in the East.

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