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    Default Knoxville Recruit Class

    Hey guys, I was wondering if they started that recruit class this June/July on time and how it's going, so far...

    Anybody know when Knoxville typically posts new job listings for the year? And do they generally hire a class or two each year or are they freezing up the hiring process like most places down here in Florida...


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    Question Tests

    I think they are on a hiring freeze. I took my written and physical test back in May passed both but haven't heard much since. From previous postings regarding Knoxville, I think the people who made it through in 2007 didn't actually start class till 2008.

    Hopefully someone has some updated information.

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    Default I thought you got hired...

    I took the test, physical and all that other stuff in May of '07 and about 10 months later ended up at the top of the recall list and was asked to come get a full physical and take a polygraph and stuff but by THAT time I had been simultaniously offered a job down here in St. Augustine so I had to pass because I own a house and couldn't sell and some other things...

    I'm thinking of re-applying someday in the next few years to move closer to home...

    We'll see

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