My name is Ray, and I've been a volunteer firefighter with the Fort Montgomery Fire Department in New York for about 4 years now. I joined when I was 16, but took a couple years off due to the fact that I moved to Phoenix, AZ and Savannah, GA. But I'm back now and loving it... I missed the adrenaline rush that comes with ever sounding of the tones!

Since I've been back in NY I'm spending a lot of time trying to decide what I want to do with my life, and lately I've been seriously considering becoming a career firefighter. Up until this year I was never in great shape, always a bit overweight (5'10" and 200lbs, not much of it muscle!) but this year my life turned around and I'm now about 158 and 12% body fat, so the idea of physically being able to be a paid firefighter isn't so far fetched!

My town is only 40 minutes from the city (I live in Orange county) so my first thought was the FDNY. Since it looks like it will be a while before they even accept applications again, I am considering trying to get on with another paid department around here, or becoming a paramedic and trying to join the FDNY-EMS.

Well that's enough for now... I'm glad I found this site and I'm looking forward to learning a lot from the community. Take care!