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    On my department I not only hold the rank of Firefighter, but I have also been assigned the duties of historian. This is no small task as it involves keeping records of incidents, the membership, and also interaction with the public. Just recently I was approached by our membership and asked to put together a membership wall as well as an anniversary board.

    The membership area will essentially consist of our 4 companies as well as the chiefs, treasurer, and secretary being displayed at the very top. Each member will have a photo displayed on the wall along with their rank and possibly the year they became a member.

    To commemorate milestones within the department, 100 years, 125, etc. etc. we would like to create a decorative board with members pics, apparatus, and any other pertinent info at the anniversary date. We have done this in the past and made most of these by hand. Now, we would like something a bit more professional with both the boards and the membership wall as we are calling it.

    My question is has anyone done anything like this? Did you go with a company, has anyone seen something like this created themselves? I will have funds available for this so I want to make it look as professional as possible for ourselves and the public. I will be taking the pictures myself as photography is a hobby and I have the equipment. Mostly looking for guidance on what others have done at this point.

    Thanks for the help.


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    My dad has a photo of one you are talking about that was done back in 1904 when the Vicksburg Fire Department first became a paid department. Very cool stuff. If you want it as an example give me a yell.

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    We found a local photographer / graphic artist that had a connection to the Fire Department at my Volly department. She took a picture of everyone, and a couple of group photos for a very reasonable price.

    My career dept. just hired a photographer, and went after it.

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