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    Smile Florida FF/EMT-I

    I have been informed by my wife that there is a 90% chaance that we will be relocating to the Vero Beach area within the next month or two. She is expecting to accept a job offer in that area.

    My question is, What is the outlook on FF jobs in that area? I am currently a NREMT-I working for a very busy county (ALS) EMS agency in the Dallas area. I also am in the process of becoming a part time FF for one of our local Fire Depts. 2 years ago I was a full time paid FF in Georgia but before I could get my fire cert we moved to Texas.

    What hoops am I going to need to jump through to be employable in Florida? I am 39 years old so I figure that rules out any civil service FF jobs. How long is the FF certification process start to finish? Will being Nationally Registered as an EMT-I make the process any easier? Or should I just tell my wife she is just gonna have to commute to Vero Beach from Dallas TX

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    There are not many departments hiring right now due to the economy bit that will definitely change. Florida is always growing. Florida usually hires quite a few though. The southern portion of the state is a lot harded to get hired though. As far as the EMT-I that is great but they only use EMT-B or Paramedics in Florida. It wont take you very long to get your Firefighter I and II. You have to be both to get hired as a paid firefighter in Florida. Florida also does not accept any other states certifications. The academy is about 2-3 months long. Here is a link to a web site that explains alot on how to become a Florida firefighter. http://www.fireacademy.org/
    Very few Florida fire departments use civil service exams, they also hardly ever have age restrictions. Most departments have a fire/ems based test. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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    Vero Beach is in Indian River County.

    They are the only department in the county unless you are a police officer as well, know some people and are able to wiggle yourself into a comfy job with Indian River Shores...FYI, long waiting list as it is a well paid triple cert department (police, fire and EMS)...Pyro Pig Medics we call them.

    So, if you wish to commute from Indian River County, your options are Brevard to the north with many municipalities and the county itself, St Lucie County to the south again with may city options in addition to the county, Okeechobee County, Orange County to the west, northwest.

    Hell of a commute however with the wages paid and price of gas these days.

    Regardless, you have time because no one is going to hire you without FL Fire Standards. If you go M-F, you can do it in 3 months, if you go part time, it will take you 6 months.

    In addition, your intermediate is worthless in Florida. FL only has basic and medic level, so you will have to test for and work as a basic.

    Once you have your fire standards and your basic cert, please remember, Basic FFs are a dime a dozen, so competition is fierce. There are jobs but you have to be patient and persistent.

    On the plus side, Indian River County will hire you most likely once you have your basic cert and standards, however they will want you to agree to go to medic school and medic candidates will most always receive preference over your application.

    I worked for Indian River County for 4 years until the EMS side was merged with the fire side.

    I hope your wife's job pays well, cause you have a lot of hoops to jump through and school to attend before you will be making money as a firefighter/emt in the Vero Beach (Indian River) area.

    You do have the option of working for some private interfacility companies, Indian River Hospital transport unit (no emergencies), or commuting to Orlando and working for Rural Metro.

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