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Thread: Remember The Brothers 9-11-01

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    Default Remember The Brothers 9-11-01

    Joseph Agnello, Lt. Brian Ahern, Eric Allen, Richard Allen, Capt. James Amato, Calixto Anaya Jr., Joseph Angelini Sr., Joseph Angelini Jr., Faustino Apostol Jr., David Arce, Louis Arena, Carl Asaro, Lt. Gregg Atlas, Gerald Atwood, Matthew Barnes, Gerald Baptiste, A.C. Gerard Barbara, Arthur Barry, Lt. Steven Bates, Carl Bedigian, Stephen Belson, John Bergin, Paul Beyer, Peter Biefeld, Brian Bilcher, Carl Bini, Christopher Blackwell, Michael Bocchino, Frank Bonomo, Gary Box, Michael Boyle, Kevin Bracken, Michael Brennan, Peter Brennan, Capt. Daniel Brethel, Capt. Patrick Brown, Capt. Vincent Brunton, Capt. William Burke Jr, Andrew Brunn, F.M. Ronald Bucca, Greg Buck, A.C. Donald Burns, John Burnside, Thomas Butler, Patrick Byrne, George Cain, Salvatore Calabro, Capt. Frank Callahan, Michael Cammarata, Brian Cannizzaro, Dennis Carey, Michael Carlo, Michael Carroll, Peter Carroll, Thomas Casoria, Michael Cawley, Vernon Cherry, Nicholas Chiofalo, John Chipura, Michael Clarke, Steven Coakley, Tarel Coleman, John Collins, Robert Cordicce, Ruben Correa, James Coyle, Robert Crawford, Lt. John Crisci, B.C. Dennis A. Cross, Thomas Cullen III, Robert Curatolo, Lt. Edward D'Atri, Michael Dauria, Scott Davidson, Edward Day, B.C. Thomas DeAngelis, Manuel Delvalle, Martin Demeo, David Derubbio, Lt. Andrew Desperito, Dennis Devlin, Gerard Dewan, George Dipasquale, Lt. Kevin Donnelly, Lt. Kevin Dowdell, B.C. Ray Downey, Gerald Duffy, Capt. Martin Eagan Jr., Michael Elferis, Francis Esposito, Lt. Michael Esposito, Robert Evans, B.C. Jack Fanning, Capt. Thomas Farino, Terrance Farrell, Capt. Joseph Farrelly, Deputy Comm. William Feehan, Lee Fehling, Alan Feinberg, Frank Fiore, Michael Fiore, Lt. John Fischner, Andre Fletcher, John Florio, Lt. Michael Fodor, Thomas Foley, David Fontana, Robert Foti, Andrew Fredricks, Lt. Peter Freund, Thomas Gambino Jr., Chief of Dept. Peter Ganci Jr., Lt. Charles Garbarini, Thomas Gardner,Thomas Garner, Matthew Garvey, Bruce Gary, Gary Geidel, B.C. Edward Geraghty, Denis Germain, James Giberson, Ronnie Gies, Paul Gill, Lt. Vincent Giammona, Lt. John Ginley, Jeffery Giordano, John Giordano (1), Keith Glascoe, James Gray, B.C. Joe Grzelak, Jose Guadalupe,Lt. Geoffrey Guja, Lt. Joseph Gullickson, David Halderman, Lt. Vincent Halloran, Robert Hamilton, Sean Hanley, Thomas Hannafin, Dana Hannon, Daniel Harlin, Lt. Harvey Harrell, Lt. Stephen Harrell, Capt.Thomas Haskell Jr., Timothy Haskell, Michael Haub, Vincent Halloran, Capt. Terry Hatton, Lt. Mike Healey, John Heffernan, Ronnie Henderson, Joseph Henry, William Henry, Thomas Hetzel, Capt. Brian Hickey, Lt. Tim Higgins, John Hohmann, Thomas Holohan, Joseph Hunter, Capt. Walter Hynes, Jonathan Ielpi, Capt. Fredrick Ill Jr., William Johnston, Andrew Jordan, Karl Joseph, Lt. Anthony Jovic, Angel Juarbe Jr., Fr. Mychal Judge, Vincent Kane, B.C. Charles Kasper, Paul Keating, Thomas Kelly (L15), Thomas Kelly (L105), Richie Kelly Jr. (L11), Thomas Kennedy, Lt. Ronald T. Kerwin, Michael Kiefer, Robert King Jr., William Krukowski, Scott Kopytko, Kenneth Kumpel, Thomas Kuveikis, David Laforge, William Lake, Robert Lane, Peter Langone, Scott Larsen, Lt. Joseph G. Leavey, Neil Leavy, Daniel Libretti, Carlos Lillo (FDNY EMS B-49), Robert Linnane, Michael Lynch (L4), Michael Lynch (E40), Michael Lyons, Patrick Lyons, Joseph Maffeo, William Mahoney, Joseph Maloney, Kenneth Marino, Lt. Charles Margiotta, B.C. Joseph Marchbanks Jr., John Marshell, Lt. Peter Martin, Lt. Paul Martini, Joseph Mascali, Keithroy Maynard, Brian Mcaleese, John Mcavoy, Thomas Mccann, Lt. William McGinn, B.C. William McGovern, Dennis Mchugh, Robert McMahon, Robert McPadden, Terence McShane, Timothy McSweeney, Martin McWilliams, Raymond Meisenheimer, Charles Mendez, Steve Mercado, Douglas Miller, Henry Miller Jr., Robert Minara, Lt. Paul Mitchell, Thomas Mingione, Capt. Louis Modafferi, Lt. Dennis Mojica, Manuel Mojica, Carl Molinaro, Michael Montesi, Capt. Thomas Moody, Vincent Morello, B.C. John Moran, Christopher Mozzillo, Richard Muldowney Jr., Michael Mullan, Dennis Mulligan, Lt. Raymond Murphy, Lt. Bob Nagle, John Napolitano, Peter Nelson, Gerard Nevins, Dennis O 'Berg, Douglas Oblschlager, Lt. Daniel O'Callaghan, Joseph Ogren, Samuel Oitice, Patrick OíKeefe (1), Capt. William O'Keefe, Eric Olsen, Jeffery Olsen, Steven Olsen, Kevin O'Rourke, Michael J. Otten L- 35, Jeffery Palazzo, B.C. Orio J. Palmer, Frank Palombo, Paul Pansini, B.C. John Paolillo, James Pappageorge, Robert Parro, Durrell Pearsall, Lt. Glenn Perry, Lt. Philip Petti, Lt. Kevin Pfeifer, Christopher Pickford, Lt. Kenneth Phelan, Shawn Powell, Vincent Princiotta, Kevin Prior, B.C. Richard Prunty, Lincoln Quappe,Lt. Michael Quilty, Kevin Orourke, Michael Otten, Ricardo Quinn (FDNY EMS B-57), Leonard Ragaglia, Michael Ragusa, Edward Rall, Adam Rand, Donald Regan, Lt. Robert Regan, Christian Regenhard,Lt. Vernon Richard, James Riches, Joseph Rivelli Jr., Kevin Reilly, Michael Roberts (L35), Michael Roberts (E214), Anthony Rocco Jr., Anthony Rodriquez, Matthew Rogan, Nichlas Rossomando, Paul Rubach, Stephen Russell, Lt. Michael T. Russo, B.C. Matthew L. Ryan, Thomas Sabella, Christopher Santora, John Santore, Gregory Saucedo, Dennis Scauso, John Schardt, B.C. Fred Scheffold, Thomas Schoales, Gerard Schrang, Gregory Sikorsky, Stephen Siller, Stanely Smagala Jr., Kevin Smith, Leon Smith Jr., Robert Spear Jr., Joseph Spor, B.C. Lawrence Stack, Capt. Timothy Stackpole, Gregory Stajk, Jeffery Stark, Benjamin Suarez, Daniel Suhr, Lt. Christopher Sullivan, Brian Sweeney, Sean Tallon, Allen Tarasiewicz, Paul Tegtmeirer, John Tierney, John Tipping II, Hector Tirado Jr., Richard VanHine, Peter Vega, Lawrence Veling, John Vigiano II, Sergio Villanueva, Lawrence Virgilio, Lt. Robert Wallace, Jeffery Walz, Lt. Michael Warchola, Capt. Patrick Waters, Kenneth Watson, Michael Weinberg, David Weiss, Timothy Welty, Eugene Whelan, Edward White, Mark Whitford, Michael Weinberg, Lt. Glenn Wilkinson, B.C. John Williamson, Capt. David Wooley, Raymond York. Retired FDNY Firefighters who lost their lives saving others : James J. Corrigan, Phillip Hayes, William Wren. Member of the New York City Fire Patrol who lost his life saving others: Keith Roma.
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    NEVER FORGET 9-11-01
    CAPT. Frank Callahan Ladder 35 *
    LT. John Ginley Engine 40
    FF. Bruce Gary Engine 40
    FF. Jimmy Giberson Ladder 35
    FF. Michael Otten Ladder 35 *
    FF. Steve Mercado Engine 40 *
    FF. Kevin Bracken Engine 40 *
    FF. Vincent Morello Ladder 35
    FF. Michael Roberts Ladder 35 *
    FF. Michael Lynch Engine 40
    FF. Michael Dauria Engine 40

    Charleston 9
    "If my job was easy a cop would be doing it."
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    Now in Victoria, BC. I'm from beautiful Jasper Alberta in the heart of the Can. Rockies - will always be an Albertan at heart!



    Rest peacefully in the arms of the angels.

    My thoughts in the following days, especially tomorrow, will be with my FDNY friends and/or fellow FH members who responded or lost someone close to them due to the September 11th attacks.
    September 11th - Never Forget

    I respect firefighters and emergency workers worldwide. Thank you for what you do.

    Honorary Flatlander


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    On the beach, Fla/OCNJ


    Rest easy Brothers.

    Never forgive.
    Never forget.

    Thank you, Ray, for keeping their memories alive, and us updated on the news.
    AJ, MICP, FireMedic
    Member, IACOJ.
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    Eastern Kentucky University


    The house from which I now respond
    Is overstaffed with heroes gone
    Men who answered one last bell
    Did the job and did it well

    RIP Brothers, we will never forget

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    You are in the arms of the angels now. Rest in peace.

    We will never forget.

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    Cupcake NY


    All Gave Some, Some Gave All

    We are still losing Brother's to this day from Cancer, the fight is still going on!

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    NoVA / NJ


    R.I.P. Brothers.

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    R.I.P. brothers, you are not forgotten.

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    East Texas


    We will never forget the sacrifice of these brave firefighters. Their memories will live on forever in our hearts.

    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

    Aggressive does not have to equal stupid.

    ** "The comments made here are this person's views and possibly that of the organizations to which I am affiliated" **

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    London, England


    Always remembered...

    They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old.
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

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    It seems like just yesterday. Those boys will not be forgotten, they sacraficed their lives to help so many..... They are heroes beyond boarders.

    Rest In Peace

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    East Carolina University


    Rest in Peace, Brothers. You are not forgotten.
    Just know, I chose my own fate. I drove by the fork in the road and went straight.

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingKiwi View Post
    Go put your pussy 2 1/2" lines away kiddies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Explorer343

    By the way KEEPBACK200FEET, you're so dramatic!

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    Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA


    Tell me this isn't a little odd....

    Today is my one year at 911, 9-11.

    I think of the FDNY, NYPD and Port Authority and their families everyday. I am also praying for the post 911 victims, the ones who responded after the collapse that are having to deal with the emotional and medical problems because of them being there.

    God bless the Brotherhood. God bless every firefighter, every police officer, every EMT, every FBI agent, ATF agent, Homeland Security, Red Cross volunteer worker, food server, anybody and everybody that responded and helped that day.

    God bless our men and women of the US Military for their brave fight. May they all return home alive and well.

    God bless every firefighter who rises at 4:30 in the morning to pull another 24. Every firefighter who is awoken at 2 in the morning to respond to a raging fire. Every EMT who gets back on the rig after working a cardiac arrest to aid another patient. Every Police Officer that continues to work his beat, ever so watchful for any sign of wrongdoing. Every single emergency responder to goes out day after day without complaint.

    To the families. To the wifes, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters of emergency responders who watch their loved ones walk out the door, unknowing if they will ever see them again. And especially to those who do not return.

    Always remember.............

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    S.W. Virginia


    Remember Me

    Remember me when the stars are bright
    And in the middle of the day as the sun makes light
    Remember me when the nights are long
    Then think of me as singing your song.

    Remember me in the spring of the year
    When the flowers bloom and the air is so clear
    Remember me when the showers come
    I will always be there when they are done.

    Remember me in the wintertime's call
    The snow so beautiful after leaves of fall
    BUT, if love and laughter you can NOT recall
    Then please, do not remember me at all.

    Norma Lea M. Vogt

    11-Sept-2001 - Never Forgotten.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Rest in peace brothers!! May God bless you and your families!!!

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    Etowah, TN


    On this 7th anniversary may we remember the bravery of our brothers and sisters who answered that final bell on that fall day and now walk with angels. Let us never forget their sacrifice and always hold them in our hearts and the families in our prayers. May they look down on each brother and sister and see the tradition is carried on in each and every step we take. To all my brothers and sisters may angels watch over you every step you take and may God bless you.

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    Default R.I.P. Brothers

    Every year this day is hard to think about.

    Those who perished were hero's plain and simple.

    May they be in a better place, at peace and watching over their loved ones.

    Stay safe. Never forget.

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    Lusby, MD


    Rest in Peace brothers. You are not forgotten.

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    Division 24


    Never Forget.

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    My prayers are with the Brothers that were lost, their families, their friends, our country and its leaders and especially our troops!

    God Bless! Stay safe! And never, never forget!

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