My dad retired from the Nashville, Georgia, fire department in 1983 after 35 years' loyal service to the NFD. He died in 2001, and as a memorial to his service, for the last couple of years I have been compiling a history of the department. In the remote event that anyone who visits this forum has had relatives serve on the Nashville Fire Department or has served themselves, I would love to hear from you the stories you can tell about events in the department's history.

I have requested photos to be shared of the firemen and of other events in the department's history and have received a few that I did not already have. However, I know that there have to be more photos still out there just waiting to be contributed to this project.

If you have information you can share about the Nashville, Georgia, Fire Department, please contact me.

Skeeter Parker
1410 Azalea Way
Nashville, Georgia