Hows everybody doing today? good I hope.

Anyways, I have a question about out of state job "transfers". I have been on the job in massachusetts just under two years now. FF 1/2 Emt-b certified. I love the job, best job in the world, 3rd generation ff. However, I was thinking of possibly moving out of state. Cant think of doing anything else. I wouldnt leave my current job unless it was for another FF job. Is there any program or service that helps (more or less trying to avoid the b.s. that comes with the hiring process i.e. civil service) firefighters relocate to a different area and remain in the fire service? I have searched online but havent seen anything particular to my dilemma.

Has anyone gone through this before? tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

For those of you who are nosy, yes it is because of a woman.

Thanks in advance