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    Anyone know of any places hiring near Sarasota? I have been applying all over as a firemedic and I have been told by almost everyone they arent hiring, waiting till after the first of the year for some. The hiring processes for some departments are almost a year.

    Anyone know of some departments that are relatively fast process that need medics?

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    Default medic jobs

    Orange County (Orlando) is in bad need of medics they are hiring no cert medics and telling them to get standards w/ in 3 years. they always looking for medics and hiring process is 3 months instead of 6

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    I am with Osceola County and word is we will be opening a hiring process in Oct with a start sometime in January......Medics are always looked at first so as long as nothing comes up on your background, MVR, and you pass the test you will almost be a shoe in......we are slowly becoming more medic heavy so more and more medics will be riding the engine....starting is around 36K with a $7500 medic incentive....3 week kelly days.....lots of vacation time and floating growing dept as well....good school reimbursement program after probation.
    and an FYI....the county is just south of orange county/orlalndo area....i myself live in brandon just east of I-75 and i make the drive....there is no requirement to live within a certain distance but the county does is between polk and brevard counties and has Kissimmee in the north end and Yeehaw Junction in the souther region....its big

    site is

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    Osceola opened up today woot! I jumped on it quick e10, thanks for letting me know about it!

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