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    Lightbulb Hybrid / Electric Vehicles

    Our unit covers a heavy industrial area that uses hybrid electric burden carriers to full size electric hybird cars (Ford Escapes). Any info / literature available on disconnecting power? Looking to get some more in depth training for the crew.

    Some of these vehicles have 80volt battery systems (that can deliver quit a jolt.)

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    Lightbulb Check the Extrication Forum

    Brother, not trying to school you here but this thread also has a better forum. From the main forum page scroll down to the extrication forums. In there there is tons of talk about hybrids and some very knowledgeable people with real experience.

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    Also,invite mechanics from dealers that sell hybrids to teach your people what they know so you don't cut the orange wires right off the bat.They can be a vast source of knowledge and if yours is a vollie department,you can recruit them and have that skill set for use.
    Also,this month's Firehouse has more info about hybrid Tahoes that can be useful.

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