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    I am a 3rd year medic and just graduated and passed state fire this past week. What I am finding difficulty in is finding employment in Florida. I live in the Sarasota area and so far Sarasota isnt hiring till as late as April next year, no Pinellas Depts are hiring, and the only ones I have found to be hiring is Tampa and Orange County. I just missed the deadline for Tampa's next process though and Orange County can take 6 months. Does anyone know of other departments hiring right now?? I was always told by my instructors and other ff's that being a medic makes things easier, but I dunno lol. I have worked so hard to get this far and I just feel like jumping into work and feel the great payoff that I worked so hard for.

    Thanks =]

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    Yeah it seems like the departments over in that area don't hire very often. It is like that in most states right now, everyone is in a budget crunch due to the economy.

    I know that Seminole county is actively looking for medics. It would be a little drive for you but only around 2 hours every third day. Hang in there it is a competitive field and it takes some people years to get hired. Also what about Charlotte county, one of my friends works there and loves it. Florida departments usually start their budget year in October and that is when they start to hire.

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    yeah im actually willing to move to any part of the state if I need to. I just put in for my pro boards and have National Medic so I may even consider leaving Florida if the outlook remains the way it is.

    I have started the process for Orange County and Brevard County. I just got my application in the mail to actually for Seminole County. I also called Osceola and they are getting ready for something shortly. I guess things are looking brighter, just a long patient wait.

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    I am not sure what your goal is. If you have a open mind I think Lee County EMS runs a good department. Although Fire is separate, i am not sure how important that is to you.

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