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    Default Maryland Gas Station Closed - No Gas

    I wonder how many more will be affected by this?

    Md. Gas Station Runs Out Of Gas, Shuts Down

    POSTED: 11:34 am EDT September 15, 2008
    UPDATED: 11:39 am EDT September 15, 2008

    FREDERICK, Md. -- Fuel shortages caused by Hurricane Ike are hitting Sheetz gas stations in Frederick County, Md., and parts of Virginia and North Carolina.

    The Altoona, Pa.-based company said some of its convenience stores began running out of gas over the weekend due to the shutdown Thursday of a major southeastern distribution artery run by the Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline Company.

    Sheetz spokeswoman Monica Jones said she doesn't know how many of the company's stores are affected or when they will be resupplied.

    A Sheetz located at 1300 E. Patrick St. in Frederick ran out of gas over the weekend. A sign posted at the gas station said overwhelming demand paired with Hurricane Ike caused the shortage. The posted sign also said the station closing due to the shortage is temporary and the station will reopen soon.

    The Colonial Pipeline moves petroleum products northward from the Gulf of Mexico.

    Copyright 2008 by nbc4.com. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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    In Paducah,Ky on Friday the local news channel was saying that "We're not trying to start a panic but gas prices are supposed to rise precipitously in the next few hours".The reporterette did explain that the news van pulling out of her 0530 spot was the last of their vehicles so they got theirs,huh?
    Thursday,I'd gassed up at $3.47 in Memphis and this morning,back down here,gas prices were in the $3.759-85 range.
    In Kentucky,prices were from $3.96 to $4.02 for the cheap stuff depending on how far out from town you were.

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