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    Default When does mutual aid become main provider

    We at a point where we seem to be the ALS ambulance provider for a neighboring county township. In 2003 that County decided they could cover the township for less. Which we all new was B.S. but they did it anyway. Since then county gov. has gone under in their finances and cut about half of the EMS staff. This township seems to be where they make up for the shortfall by not staffing 24/7 the chase vehicle (usualy BLS). Their staff has even called for us when they knew that we could beat them to a scene. So far this year we have crossed the river into another county, sometimes with our last out ambulance, to take a call 18 times. Earlier in the year we even threw them a bone and said that we would do it for the rest of the year for one dollar, then increase to a settlment over two more years. Needless to say they did not bite.
    My concern is when that last truck crosses the river and the tone drops for someone who is paying for the service and it is delayed, where does that leave us. Do we turn around? Do we call for another county to take the run? Are we liable for further damage to that person?
    Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated.

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    We won't leave our city without EMS coverage. We have three ambulances with a variety of staffing patterns at my home dept. Paid, Paid on call, and all volunteer.

    Our neighbor to the south went through a similar problem, and basically figured us as a unit in their "system status model".

    The rule that we developed is that we will send them one at any time, and two if we have the staffing, but unless an extraordinary circumstance arises we will not send all three.

    We do not have a coverage payment, we just agreed that we could bill for any services that we render.

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