Heard about the teenager back east that wrote AFG for new engine and got it. I love stories about that kinda of stuff. Anyone have any grant stories that are interesting, funny, or truly amazing? About three years ago we had a osha inspection and he looked at our stihl circular saw with a carbide tipped blade and said take that off your engine and tag it out of service, of course asked why and he showed us a warning label of blade guard that said no use of carbide tipped blade. Turns out stihl does allow carbide blades. after research we could use different brand of saw. Playing around and found First Responder Institute (Tums) and spent maybe 15-20 minutes filling out form submitting it. Couple months later they sent check to buy two saws for both engines. That is when I got modivated to write grants. I hope everyone who needs this kinda of money can get it also. Thanks.