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    Question Response Gear

    I'm a member and Admin for an Emergency Reposne Team inside an industrial manufacturing complex. Our team is a combo of volunteers and a company of IAFF F.F. We recently have received funding to purchase some new gear and looking for some feed back from F.F's on the fire ground. "Needs", "Wants", "likes and dislikes", and the "gotta haves" for PPE from those who have tested it.

    - SCBA (MSA Firehawk vs Scott Fifty/Fifty)
    - High press (4500) vs. Low(2216)
    - Electronic Accountability System & Intergrated PASS
    (seems nice does it work?) -

    - Bunker Gear (Globe GX7 vs G-Extreme vs Cheiftain vs Janesville)
    - Shell Mat'l (Advance or PBI) oily environment w /high potentail for cuts

    - Gloves (Chiba vs. Ringers + Shelby FF Glove or other)
    (chiba's are $$$$$!!! are they really worth it.

    - Helmets (Traditional vs. Modern)
    Traditional - Cairnes 1010 vs. Bullard
    Modern - Cairns 360S vs. Bullard LTX Series
    Other suggestions are welcome

    All input welcome.
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    Phenix Technology Inc.


    You could take a look at our product line

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    either globe set will do, cairns 1010 traditional helmets, shelby gloves...thats just my opinion...

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    I can only speak on Globe gear. While the GX-7 is nice, the G-Extreme rocks! It's lite, comfortable, and moves with you.

    Having said that, it is a little more expensive. You need to take a look at your actual responses, and figure how much time you're actually going to spend in the gear. If you respond fairly infrequently, going top of the line may not make the most financial sense. (Then again if $ is not an issue....)

    I have only experience with Scott SCBA, I've used wire 2.2's, Pack 50 & 75's and the NXG7 in both 2216 and 4500. The same applies above as far as cost and use. A loaded NXG7 is pretty pricey.
    he 4500 bottles are slightly cheaper than the 2216's. The 30 min 4500's are also smaller than the same rated 2216. The other advantage is that the 4500's are available in 45 and 60min ratings, while 2216's are not. The snap in/quick release on the NXG7 is pretty slick too.

    When picking you're SCBA, take a look at who may potentially respond as mutual aid to you. You would be wise to go with whatever is compatible with their stuff, whether it be a different style of Scott, MSA or whatever.

    I like my Shelby FDP's.

    ANY Traditional is better than a salad bowl. Cairns 1010/1044 is a good choice, some people hate the Bullard USTM, but I kinda like it. Get someone in to show you the different buckets. Try 'em all on and see what you like the most.

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