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    I'm a Veteran of the armed forces and have a family background of Law Enforcement. Both parents are Corrections officer at Folsom Prison, and Grandfather retired as Commander of Placerville CHP.

    I've been struggling to find a decent job. Having been military special forces, there's not much in a civilian community that can use my abilites in other than law enforcement. A recent DUI charge (still fighting after 10 months) has really turned me away from wanting to be a cop of any type which answered my own question. To be a CHP or Firefighter. My girlfriend and I are moving to Denver in the next month or so and I am DEFENIATELY going to school. Not having a degree these days, you just cant find a job.

    My question to you is, should I focus on my EMT and fire specialization? How can i educate myself to help with the careerfield? What can I do for myself to help with easier promotion, eligbility, and better pay? I"m not going to lie and say that pay doesnt matter, but it defeniately helps.

    I've read about the Bilingual pay. I'm assuming Spanish? What else would you suggest?

    I appreciate all thoughts, and thanks for all the work you guys do.


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    Welcome to the board. First of all, the DUI will seriously impact your chances of getting hired on the fire department. In some places, you will never get hired, while others may consider hiring you after a period of time.

    The reason is that no fire department wants to hire someone who has dempnstrated a history of poor judgement. Additionally, the fire service already has a higher than average rate of alchoholism. Most departments will think twice before hiring someone who has already demonstrated a problem. This holds true even if you are successful in fighting your case to a wet reckless or something similar.

    Fire departments do a very strict background investigation. There is a saying in the among the fire chiefs who are in charge of hiring; "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior".

    Can you overcome this? Maybe, but it will take a lot of time, energy and effort. You will need to be more qualified, and prove to the department that this was an isolated instance.

    Good luck in your endavors,
    Paul Lepore
    Battlaion Chief
    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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