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    Exclamation Question for the ladies or anyone that knows anything about chemicals

    Please dont get mad at me, but i am gonna copy and paste this from another forums i posted on.
    Ok i was in the effected Hurricane Ike area
    Two months before the storm hit I started getting all these weird aromas in the house.
    During the storm because we had no water I filled the bathtubs up with water and the smell sweltered in that area.
    Basically it smells like womens perfume or oil.
    Stuff it does
    1) Burns the eyes
    2) Burns the skin
    3) Effects the way you metabolize food
    4) Flushes the skin and eyes
    5) Makes your skin oily
    6) Non Flamable but seems to be affected by fire, incense or other things. Scented candles dont work.
    It smells like ladies perfume, body spray or scented oil.
    Seems to originate from running water. Or surfaces only around running water. My room smells like it I guess because it is next to the bathroom.
    During the storm when the water was not running the storm drains reaked like it.
    It smells like it in my neighbors front yard.
    It also makes your skin feel chappy, like something has seeped into your skin and flushed out the water.
    Coats the skin and clotheing when you whipe your face it makes it worse.
    I dont know what it is, I have smelled perfume, body oils and colognes and nothing smells like this.
    It is like scented oil in the house and smells like it all over the place. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not. I called the water company because they believe it might be colorine.
    Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before and if the water company cannot get rid of it what can I do because it seems to be everywhere. I need someone to work their utility man magic and make it stop.
    it makes your skin look like it is chapped.

    i know this thread doesnt seem serious but it is definetly some kind of chemical i dont know what.

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    WalterWilliams- If you continue to have this problem you should notify the Health Department or Department of Enviromental Management. They have the authority and resources to mitigate the problem.

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