Good Day, I was thinking of undertaking a project, then I was thinking if I was going to reinvent the wheel again.
so let me throw this out there maybe someone can help. I wanted to make a book that contains conversion charts, neutralzation charts, radiation charts, stay time charts. Of course we have some charts. I just want more. Basically a well rounded book on alot of things that my ic will expect me to have the info. I know this is all out there thou like I stated before if someone has it on a disk I would appreciate it. I spoke to a guy from DC in a specialist course about it, he stated he had it thou he must of lost my email. As if that is not enuough i am thinking of starting a website for science officers in my county to better network. Seems on county drills were not all on the same lvl or theres confusion on who does what especially in multiple chemical senerios when I good guy or lady with a comp or ref library cant do everything all at once. So if anyone has a site like this running please forward. Ok thats enough for my first post lol. Thank You reading and possible reponding to my requests.

Be safe,
FF Harry Baker
Jersey City Fire Dept.
IAFF 1066