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    Default Fresh rookie

    Is there any possiblity of getting an overseas contract just being a a recent graduate fire 2 /emt basic???

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    Most Companies require 3 years of paid/volunteer service, haz - mat certs, and some require ARFF. Military service will help your chances greatly.

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    Default Fresh Rookie

    I would like to make a suggestion to you and all the other rookies in the United States trying to come overseas with 6 months experience and fresh out of rookie school etc........ Stay home and get some experience in the fire service before you try coming into a combat zone or a god forsaken land and expect someone to carry you through or hold your hand. Law Enforcement on contract jobs have strict rules as as far as experience and requirements but, the fire service has been letting anyone with a jr firefighter sticker in country to play.
    I say we stop feeding this kids info and let them grow up first before they go try to make a six figure salary with little or no experience.

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    Default Pay your dues

    I have 20 plus years as a paid fireman. I have a resume that rival many. What do you have to offer? Stay home and get experience. Think about applying to the contract world when you have something to offer and not becoming a burden to the men that will have to cover you in a war zone. You could possibly get other men killed and then you will have to live with that. Trying to be nice but the truth has to be said

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