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    I have operated all kinds of ARFF vehicles in the past 25 years. FWD/Quality P-2's, all Oshkosh USAF rigs, and yes Teledyne E-One P-23's. We recently recieved an 08 Striker 1500AF. They all have thier shortcomings. Oskosh just sent out an e-mail that they are replacing a lot of components including some power divider and turrets on all of the strikers that the USAF has bought over the past 3 years. Dosen't say much for thier quality control in my opinion. Where I live, Mobile has had a Walther, Oshkosh T's, and E-one HPR's at both airports. So all are good rigs including HE-One and Oshkosh are good rigs. i would definitely stay away from Jaguars however. Just my 2cents.

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    Default have you considered a rosenbauer?

    I am breezing through here and saw the thread regarding the Oshkosh and E-ONE discussion. Why havent you considered Rosenbauer or one of the other manufacturers? They are a major player in the US and havent had nearly the trouble these two companies have had. Solid business, no major financial problems and they havent had a rollover yet of one of their trucks. In the ARFF circles they have a pretty good rep.

    I find some of the comments regardng these two companies a bit misleading. First, one of the posters goes on about the the Air Force P-23s being built by Teledyne. Partially correct; they were the "main" contractor but I assure you the vehicles were developed and built by E-One. And the problems described carried over to the civilian side of the house as well with civilian customers having issues similar to those experienced by the military.

    As far as the comments about Oshkosh being in financial trouble? Dont count em out yet folks, they have circled the drain before and pulled out. Remember they are a HUGE company and will weather the storm.

    Rosenbauer however, has entered the market in the US and really had an impact on the ARFF side. Most of the folks that have one have had excellent service from them so far with no major issues. KME still tryng to build their first proto for release here in the US but may have something soon.

    My bet? Call Rosenbauer.

    Just my two cents worth

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