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    Default Paid testing companies.. thoughts?

    What are your thoughts on paid testing companies? In the northwest we have publicsafetytesting.com and National Testing Network. We also have a group test given by Bates Tech. Col.

    Sure you can take one test for a whole bunch of departments every six months... but screw up that score and you just screwed up for a whole bunch of departments, and paid $$$ to do it.

    What have been your experiences with these testing companies?

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    I think you'll find a lot of different opinions on testing consortiums.

    From an administrative and financial standpoint, it makes a lot more sense for fire departments to outsource someone else for initial testing processes.

    From a candidate standpoint, it provides you alot of opportunity to test with multiple different departments.

    I took Bates; never took PST or NTN. I know lots of people who (at times) were fed up with PST/Bates/NTN. The tests were a joke, and often times the testing companies have been known to post openings for positions/departments who weren't hiring (but the website said they did) and did not provide refunds en lieu of their administrative errors.

    But, the reality is departments chose to use them, so if you want to work for said departments, you've gotta take their tests.

    Fortunately, there are a LOT of great departments on all of the sites. SO, the juice definitely is worth the squeeze!

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    Gotta be honest. I hate them but I did get hired off the PST.

    The test is way to easy, the only part that gets people is the personality section. Now that I am hired I have also heard rumors of people taking the test in groups since they run the exact same questions over and over and over. Bunch of cheaters should be run out of the fire service.

    I have been advocating my department look else where for their testing needs. Good luck

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