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    Default What to Include in Application/Resume Packet

    Hello everyone,

    When applying for a Chief Officer position with another department who does not know all my background, what certs should I include? I have certs dating back to 1991? What is relevant or not? I am currently a Fire Captain applying for AC with a neighboring department. Looking forward to your responses.


    Cedric Cesena
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    I would include any and all cert's that you have regardless. Let the dept decide which one's are relivant and would need to be reviewed. If you give them all your cert's at once it could only speed the process along.

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    I had the same question and I asked around and was told that if I do not have room to include them on the bottom of my resume, I should attach a seperate sheet listing them in the same format as my resume.

    I dont know if this is correct, but I am going to do it when I write my resueme.

    I must say I am a little confused as to what I should and should not include on my resume and what should be left to the cover letter.

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