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    We Have 2 Drivers Complaining That When Driving One Of Our Newer Pumpers, They Have Had Occasion To Press The Accelerator And Brake At The Same Time. All Of Our Fire Fighters Are Required To Wear Bunker Pants And Boots When Responding To A Call. The Coat And Helmet Are Optional For The Driver. All Drivers Wear Leather Boots! We Have 4 Apparatus, 1997 - 2008 Models, Built On The Same Platform And Have Had No Other Such Complaints From Drivers. My Questions Are As Follows:
    Have Any Of You Experienced This Problem And How Did You Address It?

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    First of all, this probably should have been posted in the "The Engineer" part of this forum instead of the "Meet and Greet".

    Different departments have delt with this in different ways. Most that I know of have their drivers wear their coats and not their pants (with boots) while driving. Others say that it isn't a problem driving with pants and boots (especially with the newer leather boots). It depends on vehicle manufacture and drivers training. Good luck.
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

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