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    Default Texas and Mississippi Firefighter 1001 Certification

    Hello everyone. First off I am not trying to cause any problems by this topic, really I'm not. I looking for help because I cannot seem to find anyone who can give me answers. This is a lot of information to take in but I need help and I am coming to you guys for it.

    I have served as a member of a volunteer fire department in Mississippi for over 2 years. I am a certified EMT, Volunteer Driver-Operator, and gone through other training classes with the department, Mississippi Fire Academy, and National Fire Academy. This concered the Firefighter 1 & 2 1001 certification.

    I am wanting to go take Firefighter 1001. I plan on getting on a career dept eventually, but for the time being just as a volunteer. I talked to the fire academy here in Mississippi about getting in a academy class as a volunteer. The response was that as a volunteer I would have to apply like everyone else, but if any paid firefighter throughout the state needs to take the 1001 then they would get it before I would. Also from what I understand most of the classes through 2009 are either full or filling up. I would have to basically apply for every class and if a slot comes open, and no other paid firefighter needs a spot, then I could get it.

    Well, I found there is a second option. There is, and I am sure you have seen their advertisements in Firehouse magazine, an academy in Texas which offers Firefighter 1001 called Fire Academy Online. Seems like a great program. I contacted their director and he helped me with some questions I have. Anyways....

    The 1001 certification from this academy is certified by IFSAC. It says that as long as the state and department you will be in honors IFSAC then you have no problem. But you know how states are, some only take certifications from their own fire academy. So I went online to the website for the Mississippi Fire Personnel Minimum Standards and Certification Board to see if this certification would count. Some questions that came to my attention..........

    Why does a fire fighter have to be “certified” by the MSCB in order to work for a fire department in Mississippi?

    Under state law (45-11-203) no person hired after January 1, 1991, shall be employed as a full-time fire fighter by any local government fire fighting unit unless that person has completed the mandatory training requirements and has been certified by the MSCB.

    What are the mandatory training requirements to receive MSCB certification?

    The uniform training standard for all paid fire fighters consists of satisfactory completion of a training program administered by the State Fire Academy or local governments that have the proper facilities and have been certified by the MSCB. The MSCB has adopted the NFPA Fire Fighter 1001 Standard including levels I and II as the minimum qualifications required to achieve certification.

    Are volunteer, reserve, or auxiliary fire fighters required to be certified by the MSCB?

    No. Fire personnel who function in a non-paid capacity as members of any Mississippi fire department are not required to be certified by the MSCB. However, such individuals may choose to voluntarily meet the MSCB testing requirements and may become eligible to receive Board certification.

    How does the MSCB certify an eligible fire fighter?

    In order to receive MSCB certification for NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter I and II, the candidate must meet all Board approve entry requirements, complete a course of training through the State Fire Academy or other approved local government entity, and successfully pass the Fire Fighter I and II (written and skills) examination administered on behalf of the Board through the State Fire Academy.

    And the big question....

    Can the MSCB certify a fire fighter candidate that was trained in another state (or) validate such training prior to the candidate being hired by a Mississippi fire department?

    No. Fire personnel who are not currently employed by a Mississippi fire department fall outside of the Board’s jurisdiction. Therefore, the MSCB cannot legally issue a state certificate or officially rule on the validity of a candidate’s certification prior to employment.

    After employment, can a fire fighter candidate complete the Fire Fighter I and II certification requirements through an out-of-state agency, private company, or other training institution?

    NO. MSCB regulations prohibit the granting of reciprocity for Fire Fighter I and II to any candidate who received their certification from a non-approved source after being employed in a position defined by the Board as “fire personnel”

    An exception to this regulation exists for candidates who already possess Fire Fighter Level I certification but not Level II. Because Mississippi does not offer a stand-alone Fire Fighter II program, employed candidates may complete the level II requirement through another entity. If successful, the candidate may file for complete MSCB certification through reciprocity or challenge testing.

    So basically, even though both the Mississippi State Fire Academy and the Fire Academy Online are both accredited by IFSAC, this is telling me that unless I take my training through the Mississippi Fire Academy that my certification will not be recognized? Which also means that if a volunteer firefighter wishes to become 1001 certified they have to go through a whole bunch of mess to do so wile a paid guy can simply apply and be accepted?

    Again, I am not trying to bash, stir up crap or anything. I am simply trying to become 1001 certified and I am not getting any answers from the people I ask here. If any of you folks can help me I would HIGHLY appreciate it.

    Link to my information......





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    I am in the same boat and I have emailed countless people up there at the fire academy and have gotten no reply. I will continue to monitor this thread, however unfortunately I don't have much to add.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinFFVFD View Post
    I talked to the fire academy here in Mississippi about getting in a academy class as a volunteer. The response was that as a volunteer I would have to apply like everyone else, but if any paid firefighter throughout the state needs to take the 1001 then they would get it before I would. Also from what I understand most of the classes through 2009 are either full or filling up. I would have to basically apply for every class and if a slot comes open, and no other paid firefighter needs a spot, then I could get it.
    The part in bold is where you messed up. Don't call and ask the academy anything. As long as you submit an application along with the required fire chiefs signature and payment you should be scheduled in a class as a first come first serve basis. As the saying goes, money talks......

    I used to volunteer in Walls. At the time they were 100% volunteer. Several people that showed initiative and dedication and wished to pursue a career in the fire service were offered incentives, kinda a way of saying thanks for heling, by being sent through 1001 at the academy and we never had a problem.

    Heck, at one point you could go through as an idividual with no fire departmetn affiliation, it just cost a whole lot more!
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    Default Mississippi Certification


    In answer to your questions, if you are employed with a fire department then yes, you must go through and pass CPAT first, which when you complete that you are automatically enrolled in a 1001 I & II class. In Mississippi, you apply to the fire department you want to work for and then they normally pay to put you through school and help you pass CPAT. In fact, in some cities like Jackson FD they use CPAT as their hiring tool.

    If you are not employed with a fire department in Mississippi, you could go to any IFSAC accredited 1001 I & II class offered, pass the class and get your IFSAC certification. When you are in the process of being hired for a Mississippi Fire Department, in your application you would provide a copy of this certification with your application. The department you get hired with would then do a Personnel Action Form and send it to the MSCB for approval and also they would send a certification reciprocity request to the MSCB for approval. The Board would review this information and then a MSCB minimum requirements certificate would be issued and you would be certified!

    Just because you are a volunteer with a fire department in Mississippi does not make you employed in Mississippi......hope that makes sense.


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