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    Hello I am a 34 year old male who works for the railroad in the track department. I live in WV and was wondering if anyone can tell me the criteria for becoming a volunteer firefighter, in WV if possible. Some websites of departments about 30 miles from me have detailed listings of what you need to do and that they will pay for all training, equipment, etc. Is this true for all departments? If anyone can help me with my questions I would greatly appreciate it.

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    alright where to start first off im from Harpers Ferry so i have an idea of how there system works. you basically join and they will tell you what classes you need ride (usually firefighter 1, hazmat ops, and CPR) i personally volunteered in washington county MD simply because i was 16 and couldnt do anything in WV where as in MD i could do everything as long as i had the certification. any ? feel free to PM or email me
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