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    Default Economic crisis and 08 AFG?

    I have been wondering here in the last few days whether or not this economic crisis will affect 08 AFG award money? Can or will the government tap into this money to help pay for the "bailout"? Since there hasn't been much movement in 08 AFG awards lately and it has made me wonder about these things.

    So what does everyone else think?

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    No, I think that the pols are thinking "bigger picture" (if they are "thinking" at all)! We have to face it, while the money that they put into AFG and other grants is a big deal to them, it's really "chump change" compared to what they spend on other programs and interests... Over time, I'd be more worried about what the bean-counters at OMB start to look at as they look for real ways to "save".

    Cutting direct support to local government, by cutting programs like AFG is always popular with the Fed, because it gets a loud back-lash, and gives them quik and strong justification for finding a new funding stream (taxing or borrowing) and restoring the program.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."

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    I don't thnkit is going to have nay short term effects but, long term after 2010 is what I am more concerned with. We, collectivley as group, need to make sure that apathy does not eliminate this vital program or that a satisfactory subsitute new program is developed without a gap in programs occurring.
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    2008 money is already allocated and in the bank so no worries there. Meetings for beyond 2010 will start this spring so contact your local reps and CFSI to see what else needs to be done. This isn't the time to pull the "we're 911 we can't ask for help" mentality that we usually work into as the fire service. Time to jingle phones. NFVC is collecting comments, I believe IAFC is also, but not sure about the others. See their web sites for info.

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    Lets see $750billion .

    A decent pumper at $200000 = 37,500,000 new pumpers. Might need to add on to a few stations or some may have to sit out in the rain. Maybe can ease the problem but just buying 15,000,000 custom cab pumpers.

    A hundred billion here and a hundred billion there and pretty soon...

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