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    Default Can someone explain IML and there pension policy

    in english for a dumb fireman.

    Our department is against it, and against the constitutional convention

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    I'm not the most educated guy so if I get this wrong then I'm sorry but here's what I understand. They want to open up the IL constitution so they can get rid of police and fire pensions because the gist is that the pensions are the largest drains on the cities. Of course they don't relize all the issues they will have from doing this. I know there is more information that should be coming but I would hope that everyone will vote not to hvae a convention. If you haven't done so already, you should recieve a flyer in the mail and it says right in it that it will cost 70+ million dollars just to have a convention when they can already change most major issues by passing a bill. Hope this helps. Maybe someone else can give a better reply.

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    They legally have to ask for a constitutional convention. They aren't officially wanting to open it up for any specific reason, but they gotta ask the voters. Now, opening up the constitution could result in drastic changes to our pensions, including the pensions of teachers and others. This is probably not a good thing to anyone involved, including the taxpayers who would have to front the bill for said convention. They can however, AMMEND the constitution through referendum, not just through a standard bill. There's far more to it than that, if need more info, check our website below.
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    The IML has been spreading a ton of half-truths and flat out lies regarding firefighters pensions. It is not true that they want to scrap our pensions but they want to blame us, the members for the neglect that many Illinois cities have heaped upon their public pension funds. Underfunding is a mjor problem for some funds. There has been some great strides made in the legislature in protecting our pensions, especially in the case where these cities cannot get their grubby paws on the payment made by the counties. The funds go straight to the fund, which is a great thing. The IML hates this. They hate the political power that the AFFI has. One more thing to note is that IMRF (Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund) is 100% funded. City Managers arent dummies. Con-con is a loser. It will cost 100 million dollars to convene one and wholesale changes are not necessary to the state constitution. This will be a nightmare. I suggest www.affi-iaff.org for some in depth articles about these subjects .

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    I knew there was better information out there than what I could provide. Here is some info I found on a flyer in our union office last work day.

    It is estimated that the Convention would cost tax payers as much as $100 million. That cost is unacceptable at a time when our state is in a budget crisis, our pension systems are grossly underfunded and our road and schools are crumbling.

    The Convention would most likely be administered by the current politicians that have created a virtual stalemate in Springfield. So, it is unlikely that a State Constitutional Convention would be very efficient or effective.

    All issues could be considered and changed including; Right To Work, defined benefit pension plans, education funding and tax rates for state and local governments. Changes to any of thes current state policies could potentially be damaging for union workers in both the private and public sector.

    A CON CON could take years to complete and negatively affect the state's economy. A Convention would further delay legislative action on important issues like education funding, creating a Capital program and balancing the state budget.

    The state constitution can already be changed by the ammendment process. In fact, Illinois voters have amended the current constitution ten times since 1970.

    Again, I can't take credit for this information. I just copied it from a flyer I found. It does make some valid points.

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