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    Default Pay It Forward Opportunity

    As most of you know from both the forum postings and direct emails (thank you all for the concern), my family and I made it through Ike with nothing but a yard to clean up. So not asking for me.

    Hopefully many of you read the story here about the FDs that took a major hit from Ike. I've been in touch with Chris Barron from the State Firemen's and Fire Marshal's Association about finding out who needs what. I got this back from him today:

    [quote}There are four departments that no longer exist except for the equipment they were able to pull from the station. (Bolivar, Crystal Beach, High Island, and Gilchrest). We have been able to establish contact with some of those folks and it is so sad.. All the members of Crystal Beach VFD have lost their homes!! [/quote]

    The list of needs for right now is:

    finally have got some requests for stuff and it includes about everything a department would need to support operations. A couple of specific requests are:

    *Dump Tanks (they do not have any fresh water and are relying on tankers from mutual aid departments which are as much to an hour away)
    SFFMA has two distribution points set up. I asked about a shipping address to get closer to them but I don't think they have one. For now if you can help with any of this email me: brianv@firegraphics.org. I plan on hitting up every FD around here myself and driving stuff down if need be. so I'll give out my address for shipping stuff here until they get one set up to go direct.

    Please spread this around to anyone and everyone. Nothing is too small since they need everything. Every length of hose helps.

    I don't know about money donations, I'm not taking those and I'll post back if they have something set up.

    Thanks - Brian

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    Shipping info for equipment:

    Santa Fe Fire/Rescue
    Attn: Chief Anderson – Hurricane Ike Relief
    12506 Hwy 6
    Santa Fe, TX 77510

    SFFMA does have a 501c(3) registered and a bank account also for those that want to contribute money. Will post that when I get it.

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